The history of B&A starts in the mid-90s, when founder Brent Treece started weekly lawn maintenance for the church he and his family attended. 

 The official start date of B&A is the Spring of 2001 when Brent was given the opportunity to service his first commercial property and in order to do so, he had to provide a business license. When the Court House Clerk asked for the name of the business, “B&A Lawn Care” was the first name that rolled off Brent’s tongue. At the time, the “A” was for Brent’s brother who had just committed to working for him the summer of 2001 before moving off to college. As the company added to its team and extended services offerings in 2005, the name was changed to B&A Landscape

After graduating college in 2007, Brent’s wife Talia joined the team in a full-time office role. The following year, B&A continued to grow to the point where it could no longer be operated from Brent’s garage. B&A went on to purchase the commercial property on U.S. Highway 65 in Greenbrier, where B&A headquarters is currently located. 

In 2010, B&A Landscape merged with a small sweeping business which led the company to change its name again to B&A Property Maintenance to better reflect the expansion of the commercial services it provided. It was also during this time of expansion that the company opened its first satellite office in Springdale, Arkansas, to serve the demand in that region and add Snow Removal and Pressure Washing to the list of exterior services it provided. 

In 2015, B&A hired its first Controller/CPA which helped the company solidify its back-office operation, financial reporting, time tracking, and job costing. Our love affair with data, efficiency, and continuous improvement was finally blossoming into a repeatable and scalable process. 

In 2019, the first VP of Operations was brought on board, adding another layer of professional management and leadership to the team. The increased bandwidth allowed continued improvements to B&A as a whole and put the company in a position to tackle a nationwide project for Walmart that took us to over 30 states and on more than 250 properties building pollinator gardens. 

The team was further strengthened with an operations analyst who supported the data collection and reporting that has become critical to our business. To further back up the company’s commitment to growth, in 2023, B&A hired a Head of Strategy with the expressed intent of solidifying a scalable business model and execute the leaders’ vision of growing 10x in 10 years through a combination of organic growth and prudent acquisitions. 

The journey is just beginning, all of a sudden, over a long period of time!


To be the trusted one-stop-shop for large-scale property managers.


To create opportunities for people to grow and to impact the communities to which we belong.



We hold people in high esteem. Teammates, clients, partners, and anyone in our path are inherently valuable and therefore worthy of safety, respect, and grace. We strive to build strong relationships by communicating well, being friendly, and pursuing unity with each other in a spirit of humility, knowing that we can always learn something from each other.


We are authentic. “What you see, is what you get!” We tell the truth, even if it hurts and we don’t hide our failures. Yet, we always make it right, because we are accountable to our clients and to ourselves for the promises we make. 


We take pride in the services we provide. We go all-in in whatever we do. We channel our passion through personal and organizational growth. At the same time, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and leave plenty of room for fun and a healthy sense of humor. 


We care about a job well done. We measure, analyze, and pursue innovative ways to perform our services more efficiently without compromising on quality, professionalism, or safety. In our pursuit, we are always learning, expecting that tomorrow we will be better than today.