Parking Lot Sweeping

Our Parking Lot Sweeping Division is just one of our commercial service divisions. We have routes through various areas of the state including Central and Northwest Arkansas, and the Mountain Home and Batesville areas.

Our parking lot sweeping services are just what you need to help impress your clients, tenants, inspectors, and the community. We understand the need to demonstrate your attention to detail and your protection of the environment, which means maintaining a pristine exterior as well as interior place of business, a clean construction site, and clean streets.

People have faith in cleanliness as a display of success and professionalism, and have respect for environmentally responsible businesses and communities.

Lot sweeping not only keeps your property eco-friendly, it ensures a clean and tidy appearance. Landscaping is not all a visitor to your site will notice. A lot full of trash, dirt, dust, and debris is unsightly. Regular parking lot cleaning keeps the site in top shape.

Recurring Sweeping Service – B&A provides parking lot sweeping services, utilizing powerful vacuum suction sweeping vehicles. Most sweeping visits are performed at night when the parking area is empty at commercial properties, so that your parking lot is clean and presentable in time for the next day’s business traffic. If your site is a residential complex, we can offer a day sweep to lessen the disturbance of the tenants and to better service the property, which is likely emptier in the daytime.

One-time Sweeps – Special events like a festival or tent sale may leave your property in need of a good cleaning. We can schedule for one-time sweeps, whether they are needed due to a special event or simply a change in the season. Either in addition to your regular sweeping service or as a one-time service, we are happy to handle your sweeping needs.

Call today for a free estimate to help maintain your place of business.