Lawn Applications

Our Turf Management Program is designed to improve the overall health and composition of the soil and fertilize the turf to give you a healthy lawn that requires less watering and is better protected against disease, pests, and heat stress. 

Round 1: We put down a dual action pre-emergent herbicide to minimize the number of summer annual weeds that germinate in early spring rolling into summer.

Rounds 2-4: We spend our time in early spring to late summer controlling those weeds that do emerge. This helps deplete the "seed bank." Timely mowing and chemical applications keep weeds from their reproductive stages of development. This plays a big role in minimizing weed populations for years to come.

.Round 5: We put down a pre-emergent herbicide to minimize the number of winter annual weeds that germinate in early winter and linger through the winter months. We also apply a broad-spectrum post-emergent herbicide to mitigate any summer weeds before they go dormant for the winter. 

Round 6: We spray the lawn with pre-emergent herbicide in order to prepare your lawn for its next growing season, while also applying our last round of post-emergent. Additional applications could include but are not limited to: Specific herbicide to control an abnormal infestation of a hard-to-control weed, insecticide applications to control general pest such as armyworms, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, spiders, and fire ants, tree and shrub fertilization, bag worm treatment, fungi and disease treatments.