Lawn Applications

We offer a 6-Round Lawn Application Program to provide your lawn with the help it needs to look it's best all year around. Our Lawn Application Program consists of:

Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent for Broadleaf Weeds
Post-Emergent for Broadleaf Weeds and Liquid Fertilizer
Fertilization and Spot Spray
Fertilization and Spot Spray
Fall Pre-Emergent and Spot Spray
Post-Emergent for Broadleaf Weeds

We use a fertilizer called Bio Green® . Bio Green® manufacturers high-quality, environmentally responsible, fertilizers. Bio Green® fertilizer feeds plants systematically, making nutrients available to plants through foliage when applied and roots later when needed. This ensures plants get all they need to thrive during growing season and helps maintain healthy topsoil.

B&A Property Maintenance is the only licensed Bio Green® vendor in the state of Arkansas, making our treatment system different than anyone else. To see more on Bio Green®, be sure to visit their webpage at

Call today and ask us about savings that may be available when you purchase our entire 6-Round Lawn Application Program!

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