B&A Lime Program

B&A Lime Program

Nearly every homeowner desires an attractive lawn because this is one feature which most enhances the appearance of the average property. Healthy, attractive lawns are not an accident but the result of a regularly and carefully executed maintenance program. This applies to the soil as well as to the turf grass itself.

Turf grasses will not grow well in highly acid soils, and since most soils in Arkansas are acidic by nature, well established lawns will require applications of lime. Acid conditions of soils can be brought about by the leaching out of calcium and magnesium from the soil, yearly applications of nitrogenous fertilizers, the use of organic materials, such as compost or peat moss, used to condition the soil or as a top dressing, and the washing of sulfur from the air by rains into the soil.

Acid soils are not necessarily infertile but an indication that the supply of calcium and magnesium is low and needs to be replenished. More importantly, high acidity or low pH levels may also cause other nutrients to be unavailable to plants. The greater the acidity of the soil, the greater the need for lime.

B&A is now offering a lime program within our lawn application division for customers whose yards need the service. We have done investigative work with your soil to see what conditions are harboring the weed issues you are having in your turf. One condition could be low pH levels. Our lime program can help raise your pH and help you maintain a healthy yard. We want to see the best results possible from your property. If your soil pH is unbalanced, your lawn may not respond well to our lawn application services and symptoms of lawn diseases could be more severe. Maintaining a rich, healthy soil base maximizes the effectiveness of your other B&A lawn care treatments.

Our Lime Program consists of:

  • 2 Lime treatments throughout the year (one in early Spring and one in Late Fall.

  • Soil sample taken at the end of the year to determine if your pH levels are satisfactory.

  • We will also offer a paid in full discount. If you pay for both treatments upfront, we will take 10% off of the year’s total.)

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